So here is the result of my corona testing – the candle scene:


The modelling was pretty simple – lofting with some polygon editing. I’ve spent more time creating unwraps for the candle holders than model them 🙂 There is a little bit of hair&fur on the ropes for the single threads.

I used HDRI for the main lighting (I found some nice HDR maps here:, very thankful to the author), and it worked really good in Corona. I like the reflections on the glass, it looks like the candle composition is a part of the room filled with the architectural elements and furniture, but actually there is nothing except the candles in the scene 🙂

The materials are also simple, all settings are similar to V-Ray.  I created some mask maps for CoronaLayered Mtl (Blend Material). Actually I’ve done only the half of the candle holders, because we won’t see the other side on the render 🙂 I also have made unwrap for the ropes using spline mapping.


In Post-Production I added the contrast where needed, color correction and some glow. Here is the raw and final rendering for comparison:



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