Walnuts. Zbrush, Handpaint, V-Ray



Dark Kitchen

Here is the next Corona Study scene.
I wanted to create a dark interior with more or less dramatic light.
Made from the reference.

I used Debris Maker script for the floor (really great tool). All the other things are just simple polymodeling.
In Photoshop I added color correction, glows for the lamps and some darkening where needed.

Here’s the stove top kettle from this scene, which I uploaded on Turbosquid:


Aleksnova 3D Models



Corona Study Result

So here is the result of my corona testing – the candle scene:



The modelling was pretty simple – lofting with some polygon editing. I’ve spent more time creating unwraps for the candle holders than model them 🙂 There is a little bit of hair&fur on the ropes for the single threads.

I used HDRI for the main lighting (I found some nice HDR maps here: http://www.maximeroz.com/hdri-free-pack, very thankful to the author), and it worked really good in Corona. I like the reflections on the glass, it looks like the candle composition is a part of the room filled with the architectural elements and furniture, but actually there is nothing except the candles in the scene 🙂

The materials are also simple, all settings are similar to V-Ray.  I created some mask maps for CoronaLayered Mtl (Blend Material). Actually I’ve done only the half of the candle holders, because we won’t see the other side on the render 🙂 I also have made unwrap for the ropes using spline mapping.


In Post-Production I added the contrast where needed, color correction and some glow. Here is the raw and final rendering for comparison:




Bathroom Colection

I was inspired with some bathroom accessories in internet and decided to make a small set organised in one style.  Nothing special actually, but I think it looks harmonic and full of contrast.

Now it goes as a collection on Turbosquid, but I will publish separate models from it in the future.

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Hornbach Renderings

Always nice to see the end result of your work! Here is the last spring catalogue of the interior inspiration for Horbach. We made just the rendering, not the design and I think it looks good. The original resolution was 4931×3508 (A3) and it was relatively hard to handle with it technically,- the scenes were pretty big with a lot of details and it crashed from time to time. All pictures were made in 3DsMax 2015 and rendered with V-ray 3.0.

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